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Member Roles

Probationary Members are in their first semester on the corps. In most cases they are experiencing their first exposure to EMS and figuring out whether EMS is right for them. All the while, the Medical Board is evaluating their performance. At the end of a semester of training, drilling, testing, and interacting with patients and Corps members, probationary members are either offered active membership or discharged.

Drivers are responsible for driving the ambulance and communicating via radio and telephone with base and local hospitals. Drivers are eligible to be Crew Chiefs-in-Training (CCiTs). Members must first become drivers before being allowed to become a CCiT.

Crew Chiefs are responsible for all aspects of emergency calls while on shift, including scene size-up, patient assessment and treatment, transport decisions, emergency driving, radio communications with base and local hospitals, and documentation. Crew Chiefs are also responsible for the crew quarters and ambulance operation while on duty. Furthermore, as the most experienced members of the crew, Crew Chiefs facilitate training of other members on calls and assist their learning and progression through the ranks.