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General Information

Joining Columbia University EMS is a commitment. We are not a club or a fraternity, but an essential part of the university. We expect all of our members, our students in the EMT course, and our applicants to dedicate a serious amount of time and energy to this organization.

We look for EMTs who are 18 years or older. Previous experience is an advantage but by no means a requirement. We are a training corps, so we expect our applicants to be open-minded, enthusiastic, able to perform under pressure, and willing to put in the time and energy to learn how CU EMS works. Generally, about 30 students apply for probationary membership each semester, and only about 10 are selected.

If you are not an EMT, you can register for a semester-long certification course that we host on Columbia's campus. Anyone can enroll and pay full tuition for the course. Columbia University EMS also sponsors about 10-15 students per semester to take the course at a reduced cost. However, the completion of this course, and subsequent EMT certification, do not guarantee acceptance into CU-EMS, regardless of sponsorship status.

If you are already a certified New York State EMT, you can sign up for an interview slot. In order to take the certification course or join, you must attend one of our information sessions at the start of the semester. All applicants for both the certification course and probationary membership will sign up for interviews at the information sessions. The interview is a casual 15-20 minute conversation about your experiences, motivations, and abilities. We want to make sure you are up to the challenge and will be an asset to our corps.