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Columbia University EMS Training

For information on the on-campus EMT class, visit our Become an EMT page.

CU EMS training concentrates on three areas of EMS development:
- Probationary Member Training
- Driver Training
- Crew Chief Training

Probationary Member Training
During training sessions with the Captain, Probationary Members will be instructed in EMT responsibilities, ranging from basic patient care to the unique characteristics and challenges of collegiate and city EMS. Training lasts for one semester and also includes some driver training.

Driver Training
Crew Chiefs administer driver training individually to teach members how to navigate city streets, approach local hospitals and buildings, and communicate with emergency rooms. The amount of time required for promotion to Driver status depends on the individual's ability to drive safely and to function as the Crew Chief's partner.

Crew Chief Training
Leadership skills, crew management, proper documentation, and appropriate triage and patient care are all addressed in Crew Chief training sessions. Promotion to Crew Chief depends on individual ability and knowledge.